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Steve McNaughton
attended: 1960s-70s
email: coexfilms @
I went to LA primary and secondary. I remember Sandy Christie,Gary Park,Ian Dickson, Davie Dickson,Anne Moffat, Jackie Valente and a host of others will come to mind if I am prompted. I live in Melbourne and have been here since 1982. i have 3 grown up sons.
Anthony Barclay
attended: 2000s
email: Antonbarclay @
For mr craddock, not sure of spelling. Helped me a great deal through my years at leith academy. I am more than grateful, that's why I would like to get intouch with him. Thanks Anthony
Linda Stephen (now Small)
attended: 1960s-70s
email: lu51lyn @
Just realised there was a reunion when both " Miss Hall &Miss Slater " attended . Fond memories of both & my years At primary & secondary Happily retired from many years in NHS Would love to here from anyone who remembers me !
Paul Wilson
attended: 1960s
email: paul.wilson.1969 @
Hi, looking for Alistair Sutherland who knew a Rhona Brooksbank around 1968/69. Hope to hear from you
Fiona Hunt (now MacLeod )
attended: 1970s
email: fifitrixiebelle @
Hi - just happened on Lynne Gardiner (now Zelenka's) email. I remembered Billy Bell, Eddie Stars and Chris Pratt. Bobo Aitken was one of my fav teachers. Had Ms Moffat then Ms Bryce as headmistress when I was there. Remember how poor Brenda Japp was always getting cold cream slapped on her face cause Brycie was convinced she had mascara on! Was engaged to Graham Wood for a while when I was in 5th year! Fondly remember David Turnbull and Andy Burnett - also great volleyball team run by Jean Swanston! Lovely to read up and recognise names from the past! Wishing all you old classmates well x
Lawson McCulloch
attended: 1950s-60s
email: lawson.mcculloch12 @
Hello, I was at Leith Academy Primary between 1956-1962. My teachers were Miss Bone and Miss Hall.The only pupils names I remember were Peter Smith and Helen Fotheringhay. I was far from brilliant at school and went on to spend 25 years of my life making micro surgical needles in Ethicon, but I have been happily married for 40 years. It would be great if anyone remembers me.
Eleanor Watson (now Barrie)
attended: 1950s-60s
email: nannybarrie @
Was messing about on my iPad tonight and couldn't believe when I saw your post. Not only did we attend Leith Academy, but we were also in the same class at Fort School. I remember you well. You lived in Prince Regents Street and your father was Norwegian. How amazing that you now also live in Norway.
Frances Davidson (now McInnes)
attended: 1960s
email: Dgm1947 @
Attended 61 - 65. Girls remembered Deirdre Milne, Jennifer Gordon , Susan brown, Jeanette brown Phyllis Brown, Moira?? Evelyn Smith?? Christine Young?? Don't remember many of the lads Tom Smith,Neill Dunn, Eric ?? . Actually looking to get in touch with Deirdre again or Jenny Gordon

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