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Ian Campbell
attended: 1940s-50s
email: doxfordsix @
An old timer! Primary 1943 to 1950. A2 stream 1950 1954. Fourth year in 4A(Mr Allen. Had some great teachers inc Bill (later Dr) Gatherer who instilled a love of Scottish poetry in me. I can still recite screeds 65 yrs on.Interesting career from shipyard apprentice via MN engineer officer to ultimately a senior engineering manager with Rover Cars. Now 80 and living in WWitshire since 62. Any survivors around?
Louise Dickson (now Bouscarle)
attended: 1920s-30s
email: nicolas.bouscarle @
Good afternoon, While clearing out my parents house, I came across school photos of my Mother at Leith Academy Priary school dated 1931-1932 and another one probably 1929 or 1930. My Mother at the time was between 5 and 8 years old. Anyone reading this email and interested in receiving a scanned copy of these two photos, please contact me via email. Best regards.
Pamela Jordan (now McNelis)
attended: 1940s-50s
email: pamjmcnelis @
Started primary in 1944 teacher Miss Innes who was strict but lovely. My best friend was Margaret Thornborrow who lived just round the corner on Duke St. Other classmates were Ethel Lawrie, Anne Horne,WIlma Donaldson, Eric Anderson and Willie Douglas.38 pupils in the class!but can't remember all the names. Mr Davie was headmaster Miss Penny was next wow what a targe. does anyone remember how we learned or tables? Circles - to be recited round 1 - 12 at random with whatever times table we were learning if you took over 10 seconds the belt was used with a whack by however many seconds you were over. Can you imagine that happening nowadays! Miss Paterson was our next teacher she was strict but fair and we all loved her. I am hoping someone out there recognises my name and gets in touch.
Alan Stobbie
attended: 1960s-70s
email: alan_stobbie @
Just found this site again after several years. I now live in Australia but will be back in Edinburgh at the end of June/ beginning July for two weeks. Is there anyone still around from the good old days who would like to catch up? Email me and we can arrange something. At our age there are already some who are no longer with us, but we still have the memories.
Beth Goldie (now Downie)
attended: 1960s-70s
email: elizabethdownie @
I was a former pupil 1968-1969. I'm trying to obtain the school tie of that period. I believe it was a blue and white stripe. I still have my scarf after all these years. Can anyone help me find one, or know where I could purchase one?
Nancy Macdonald (now Morrison )
attended: 1960s-70s
email: Nancymorrison @
Hi I attended Leith Academy from 1965-68 when I left to live in Killin. I particularly remember my Russian teacher, Harry Milne who was inspirational. My best fiend was Laura McBride and I was in 1a2 and 2a2.
Craig Allardice
attended: 1970s
email: craig @
I attended the secondary school between 1973 and left from 5th year in 1978. What with moving around and growing up I lost touch with everyone. I recently met up with Graham Clarkson (from the year below) who was a pal back then and I have enjoyed catching up and reminiscing with him. Spurred on I came across the website and I have particularly enjoyed looking at the old school magazines. I was the scrum half in what I recall was a very successful rugby team and later played for the 1st XV. I recognise a good number of the names and faces on the site from the old days as friends from that time including from the year above. If anyone is interested in getting in touch drop me a message. If anyone knows what happened to or can put me in touch with Alan Stickle, Eddie Johnston, David Stirling, Caroline Ross, Lesley Reid, Blanche Allan, Dawn Aird and so many more I would appreciate hearing from them. I am more or less retired now and live about 20 miles south of Edinburgh.
Ann Sturrock (now Roberts)
attended: 1960s-70s
email: ann @
Hi Attended from 1964 to 1970. Does anyone have any photos of the 1970 production of As you Like it? Went on to have a career in business - last 8 years before retirement worked at for Police Scotland at the Police College. Enjoying not working and our grandkids. Now live in Sunny Dunbar.

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