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Harry Johnston
attended: 1960s-70s
email: harry.johnston @
Through this forum, I made contact with Graham Mould two years ago and managed to spend four fantastic days in Cape Town with him, sampling the local wines and reminiscing. Very sad news to hear of his passing. Our thoughts are with his wife Marion and his brothers.
Alistair Mould
attended: 1960s
email: Alistair.mould @
I'm not sure how much this gets looked at by FPs, but in case it gets to anyone that knew him, my elder brother Graham Mould died today, aged 65, out in Zambia /South Africa where he had lived for the lost 40 odd years.
John Wilson
attended: 1960s
email: sawa.sawasana @
Frances Wilson - as you back the - the first real and only love of my life... .....please see my first post back in Nov 2005 and get in touch. We've a shed-load of catching up to do xx
Louise Currie
attended: 1990s-2000s
email: Currie509 @
Hey just sayin hello to anyone who might read this .....
Agnes McPhillips (now O'Hara)
attended: 1940s
email: jackohara22 @
Hello all, I attended Leith Academy from about 1940 to 1945. Teachers I can recall are "Beanie" Jackson in art, Miss Scott in English, Miss French in French, miss ponten, Miss Moffet in French. If anyone can remember me, then please get in touch. My memory isn't what it used to be, but my grandson is helping me. Christmas wishes to all. Agnes B. McPhillips.
Eric Anderson
attended: 1950s-60s
email: eric @
To anyone still alive in my era. I attended Leith Academy Primary from 1952 to 1963 then moved to the secondary till 1967. After a chequered career I moved to Bangkok 12 years ago and opened my own English school. Web site Rector at the time was "bulldog Drummond". Many happy memories and would love to hear from anyone from that time.
Billy Lothian
attended: 1950s-60s
email: billlothian1008 @
stumbled on this website to my great delight. Attended leith Academy Primary from 1957 and Secondary until 1970. Primary teachers Mrs Mitchell, Miss Dodds and Miss Aitken. Would love to hear from any ex class-mates. Retired last year after 45 years in journalism, mostly spent in sport which was what I mainly cared about in school. Especially proud of being tennis champion, '68-'70 and getting colours for rugby. Particularly fond memories of teachers Bill Carnie, Gordon Bigham,, Colin Maclean, Marjorie Harkness, Ann Napier and Allan Sproull as well as Lionel Oulton who I met not long ago.
Linda Ross (now Leonard)
attended: 1950s
email: lindsay @
It's a long time ago, but I remember Peter Skea, Ann Rutherford, Irene MacDonald. Teachers Mr MacDonald (math), Miss Moffat (very tall with red, red hair, Mrs. Strachan. Also Andrew Shand but he was in an older class. Living in America now and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

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