Arrangements for S6 Pupils' last day in school – Friday, 28 April 2017

Letter to Parents regarding arrangements for S6 pupils' last day in school; Friday 28th April 2017

27 March 2017
Dear Parent/Carer
I write to provide you with information regarding arrangements for the above.
The last day for S6 pupils, prior to their embarking on SQA exam leave, has in a number of schools across the years seen some instances of seriously unacceptable behaviour which have resulted in an increasing number of complaints from staff, parents and members of local communities. Some incidents have also been reported in the Edinburgh Evening News. Leith Academy has been relatively fortunate across those years in that any high-spirited behaviour of our S6 leavers, while occasionally challenging, has generally not reached the level of that experienced in some other establishments.
While I have no reason to doubt that that should continue to be the case, and I would want to thank those S6 members of the Last Day Committee for their efforts to put more structure into this year’s event, I do wish to place on record what the local authority’s position now is in regard to any misbehaviour. In short, it is that it will “support headteachers in the application of appropriate sanctions in cases where there is clear evidence of “deliberate or aggressive misbehaviour or serious breaches of school discipline”. This statement is in line with the authority’s policy on exclusion as outlined in Improving Outcomes for Learners at Risk of Exclusion (June 2014). This may include extra-curricular events such as school proms or excursions”.
Within that context I am happy with the proposed arrangements for this year where, as I stated above, S6 pupils have had an active contribution and where they have also solicited practical and financial support from the Parent Council. S6 pupils will be expected to attend school on the morning of Friday, 28 April in an appropriate manner (one which doesn’t involve any alcohol-induced euphoria nor impacts on the ongoing work of other pupils and staff) and to take their leave of the school in a way that reflects the fact that they have chosen of their own accord to remain at it until the end of Sixth Year. There will be a leavers’ assembly at 10.00am in the Theatre and, thereafter, pupils will be able to participate in activities which will be organised on the school fields and which will include a barbeque provision. These activities will come to an end at the same time as the end of the school day: 12.50pm. If pupils celebrate their leaving school in the right way, there will be no need for the school to invoke any of the sanctions referred to in the paragraph above either on individuals or groups.
One final aspect of S6 pupils leaving school is the need to return books and equipment, etc, to school. This is very important in that these resources are needed by pupils following on and the current financial situation makes the loss of textbooks, through non-return, difficult to make up. This year in particular the return of iPads is an additional consideration and I would seek your support in seeing that these are handed back to school in accordance with the terms and conditions with which they were issued (with cable and charger and, if at all possible, the box).
It will be essential for all S6 leavers to return textbooks and iPads, and have that signed off on the leaver’s form with which they will be issued during the week of 23 April. The deadline for return will be Wednesday, 31 May. Any pupil who has not made the necessary return will not be allowed to attend the S6 Prom which is scheduled for Saturday, 10 June. I would hope that this will act as the necessary encouragement to do what is needed and to do so in good time.
Should you have any queries in connection with any of the above, please contact me at school.
Yours sincerely